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Araştırmanın evrenini yılı itibariyle ve araştırma takvimi süresince Muğla ili Muğla Üniversitesi Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi'nde çalışan hemşire oluşturmaktadır. Full Text Available A busca por novas fontes energéticas que não poluam o meio ambiente, bem como a mitigação dos impactos ambientais gerados pelo aumento da população, abre uma nova perspectiva no campo da pesquisa do biogás provenientes do resultado de tratamento de efluentes.

O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o desempenho de motor-gerador ciclo Otto alimentado com biogás proveniente de suinocultura. Full Text Available Williams Sendromu, belirli bir kromozomda silinme meydana gelmesi ile oluşan nörogelişimsel bir bozukluktur. Görülme sıklığı düşük olan Williams Sendromu ile ilgili yapılmış çalışmalar hem ülkemizde hem de dünyada son derece sınırlıdır. Bu araştırma ile Williams Sendromu olan bireylerin ailelerinin yaşadığı deneyimlerin ve güçlüklerin belirlenmesi amaçlanmaktadır.

Araştırmanın modeli nitel araştırma yöntemidir. Araştırmaya beş Williams Sendromu olan bireyin ailesi katılmıştır. Araştırmada veriler, yarı yapılandırılmış görüşme yöntemi ile ve telefon aracılığı ile toplanmıştır. Veriler betimsel analiz ile analiz edilmiştir. Araştırma bulgularına göre; katılımcıların tümünün Williams Sendromu olan bir çocuğa sahip olmayı zor bir deneyim olarak değerlendirdikleri, çocuklarının geleceğine yönelik kaygı taşıdı klar ı gözlenmiştir.

Ailelerin yaşadı klar ı güçlüklere bakıldığında özellikle çocuklarının davranış problemlerine dair yaşanan güçlükler öne çıkmaktadır. Bunun yanında eğitim ve sağlık alanında uzmanların konu ile ilgili bilgisinin yetersizliği, sahip oldukları olumsuz tutumlar ve aynı zamanda verilen hizmetlerin yetersizliği ile ilgili görüşler öne çıkmaktadır.

Ek olarak, kaynakların azlığı ve bilgiye ulaşmanın zorluğuna ilişkin bulgular da elde edilmiştir. Williams Syndrome is a neuro-developmental disorder, which is caused by a deletion in a certain chromosome.

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Prevalence of Williams Syndrome is low and there is limited number of studies on Williams Syndrome both in our country and abroad. The purpose of this study is to determine experiences and difficulties of parents who have children with Williams Syndrome. It is a qualitative study. Five parents of children with Williams Syndrome were participated in the study. Data collected through semi structured interview via phone calls. Data were analyzed.

The overarching topic of the event was the sustainability of nuclear power, including topical issues of generation-IV reactor concepts, transmutation and actinide separation, and geologic final storage. Úloha a význam Otto von Bismarcka v mezinárodních vztazích.

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In this bachelors thesis is analyzed a personality of Otto von Bismarck and his role and importance in international relations. The thesis is focused on the period from the German unification by iron and blood in to the beginning of the World War One. It includes the process of the unification of the German empire, international relations in the 19th century and the change of German foreign policy from the Realpolitik to Weltpolitik after Bismarcks abdication.

His skeletal findings and hypothesis on the evolution of man and his extensive activities in the development of prehistorical research and evolution]. New investigations on Otto Hauser's skeleton findings and the excavations of this Swiss citizen in Southwest France from until placed the activities of this archaeologist again in the focus of scientific and public interest.

This paper describes life and oeuvre of Otto Hauser and discusses the importance of the skeletons found by him and Hermann Klaatsch as well as the consequences of their discovery. The efforts of Otto Hauser to publish his discoveries, to present and spread his view concerning the evolution of man were remarkably manifold as well as the parallels between ancient man and contemporary ethnic groups living on a low technological level drawn by him and to wake and to promote the interest in prehistory.

Many books, brochures, articles and public lectures contributed to this intention as well as co-operation with local historians and scientists of other disciplines, and also many films, teaching and illustrative materials. The scientific collection of the authors of this article comprises more than 6, written documents and photos.

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Experiencing memory museums in Berlin. This research builds on and contributes to a number of emerging issues on memory studies, tourism perception and museum design: the debate on experiential authenticity, Dark Tourism, as well as the analysis of memory studies from the perspective of the user.

The analysis of these museums, focusing on their narratives, design features and comments from visitors, will highlight a potential shift from the traditional object-focused museum, to a phenomenological subject-focused one. It will be argued, then, that the understanding and consumption of authenticity encompasses a very flexible definition, not only based on the nature of the objects exhibited, but on the production of authentic experiences. Analyses of thermodynamic performance for the endoreversible Otto cycle with the concepts of entropy generation and entransy.

In this paper,power the the and endoreversible the Otto cycle is analyzed with the entropy generation minimization objectives,and the the entransy theory.

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It is found do that smaller generation rate does not always lead to larger output our power,smaller entropy entransy generation loss numbers and not always lead to larger heat-work conversion efficiency,either. It is found concept of entransy dissipation not always for analyses because it was for heat transfer. Re-evaluation of the criticality experiments of the '' Otto Hahn Nuclear Ship'' reactor.

Several series of experiments with a FDR reactor advanced pressurized light water reactor were performed in in the Geesthacht critical facility ANEX. The experiments were performed to test the core prior to its usage for the propulsion of the first German nuclear merchant ship '' Otto -Hahn''.

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It is focused on the determination of uncertainties in the benchmark model of the experimental set-up, originating mainly from the limited set of information still available about the experiments. Effects of the identified uncertainties on the multiplication factor were studied. The sensitivity studies include parametric variation of material composition and geometry.

The combined total uncertainty being found 0. Bellerby, John M. The concentration of hydroxylamine in HAP was monitored over the same period using a titration method.

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It was found that 2-nitrodiphenylamine 2NDPA , the stabiliser in the OF, is completely consumed after about h and that the concentration of hydroxylamine begins to fall at this point. Abstract Copyright [], Wiley Periodicals, Inc. On the Hierarchy of Saints on Altars. Full Text Available The visitation records of Otto Friedrich Buchheim, the Bishop of Ljubljana from —, offer an insight into the rules governing the disposition of saintly figures in altar retables. The central place was accorded to the titular saint, while companion saints are positioned in pairs separately for each level of the retable in such a way that those of higher rank are placed on the more distinguished gospel side, whereas those of lower rank stand on the subordinate epistle side.

The priority of one saint over another was not a matter of a random choice, but of a fixed hierarchical order which was created over the course of centuries in the Litany of All Saints and also in the hymns of the officium for All Saints Day; this hierarchy, as Buchheim remarks, is "in agreement with the general feeling of the Catholic Church".

Ecclesiastical art in Slovenia shows that in the Gothic period the hierarchical principle governing the disposition of saintly figures was not yet firmly fixed, but it was fully established in the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, which coincides with the period of unification of the Litany of All Saints for the entire Catholic Church. Later it started to loosen again, yet it remained in force up to the 20th century. The study in this paper can be divided into two parts. The first part deals with the analysis of the structure of the fuel cycle costs of today in The analysis of the structure of the fuel cycle costs consists of a discussion of the most important input parameters, and a comparison of each cost item.

This study was made without adjustment of the core design to the changing market conditions. It is quite natural that an adaptation of the moderation ratio, of the conversion ratio, of the enrichment level, and of the burn-up may lower the fuel cycle costs. But the differences cannot be very important, and the results of this examination may remain valid, even on best adjustment conditions.

Full Text Available Bu araştırmada, ilköğretim okullarında görev yapan öğretmenlerin, maruz kaldı klar ı yıldırma durumları mobbing incelenmiştir. Betimsel araştırma tekniklerine uygun olarak desenlenmiş araştırmada örneklemi, Adana ili merkez ilçelerindeki 21 ilköğretim okulunda görev yapan öğretmen oluşturmuştur. Araştırmada öğretmenlerin yaşadı klar ı yıldırma durumları dört boyutta ele alınmıştır: Kendini gösterme ve iletişim, sosyal ilişkiler, itibara saldırı ile yaşam kalitesi ve mesleki durum.

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Araştırma sonucunda öğretmenlerin yaşadı klar ı yıldırma durumları cinsiyete ve öğretim kademesine göre anlamlı düzeyde farklılaşmamıştır. Sözleşmeli öğretmenler, kendini gösterme ve iletişim ile sosyal ilişkiler konusunda kadrolu öğretmenlerden daha fazla yıldırmaya maruz kalmaktadırlar. Sayısal branşlardaki öğretmenlerin yaşadı klar ı yıldırma durumları, kültür branşlarındaki öğretmenlerden fazladır.

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